Friday, February 22, 2008

And the work goes on....

I just recieved this round up for February from the ILIR. It makes for good reading and it just shows that on both sides of the Atlantic the fight is continuing. All we're lacking is the support of our government.

ILIR eNewsletter:

The ILIR will be holding a series of town halls to address concerns in the community about discussions with the Irish Government and also the wider effort for immigration reform. We will be emailing times + venues in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we have gathered a selection of recent articles and radio shows here which have appeared in different sites this week. The articles are listed below with the relevant links. Please feel free to comment on the official ILIR blog at or The 33rd County which is run by the Friends and Family in Ireland.

An Open Letter to Bertie (Niall O'Dowd) The Irish Star, Feb 22, 2008Excerpt: I was disappointed that you never mentioned the Irish undocumented issue in your remarks is important for you to know that thousands of Irish undocumented emigrants in America will be watching and listening too. You see you are their last real hope of achieving legal status in the United States.

Irish Government Slammed after Hands are Tied Claim over UndocumentedThe Irish government has been slammed over its inaction on the undocumented issue. Activists have compared comments by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to those of the Mexican President who this week pledged to up his commitment to Mexican immigrants in the US.

Deportation Fear Cost Man His LifeThe father of a County Derry man who died in the US said he believes he delayed medical treatment because he feared being deported.

ILIR on Irish Radio Show

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