Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Fresh Approach and a Thumbs up for Taoiseach Cowen

The Irish Echo in New York published an article today outlining Toaiseach Cowen's visit and on the ILIR's response to their meetings with him. Things are most certainly looking positive. On behalf of you all I'd like to thank Mr Cowen for his forward thinking and dedication.

Here are just a couple of quotes from the article:

"Cowen pledged to make the visa and immigration issue a priority for his government. Speaking at the reception in the lobby of the Park Avenue building that houses the consulate, Cowen said that "this issue is a priority for me in the months and years ahead."

"...meeting prompted what an ILIR statement described as a "a hearty
thumbs-up" for the new taoiseach. ILIR vice-chairman, Ciaran Staunton, said Cowen had ushered in a new era in the Irish American relationship."

""We have a responsibility to continue to lobby and do so as effectively as we possibly can," he said. And he said the Irish government was prepared to look at a "reciprocal" visa arrangement with the U.S. "We can perhaps be more proactive on our side in making sure that more Americans, who want to come and visit and work in Ireland, get the chance to do so as well."

Read the full article here:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Taoiseach in New York

I'm back (that is Kate). Sorry for my short absence but I will be back giving you updates on what's going on with the ILIR and the campaign to find a resolution for our friends and families over in the States.

Here's a run down on what's been going on and what has been said in the last 48 hours -

Irish Taoiseach Brian Cowen met with the ILIR this week in New York and announced his support for our campaign.

He spoke out on the plight of the undocumented Irish saying; "It's a priority for our administration to try and sort this out." Mr Cowen is determined that his administration will succeed where successive administrations have failed - in regularizing and improving immigration ties between Ireland and America.

This is welcome good news for the ILIR campaign and we have copied and pasted some of the week's reports.

Later, we will also send out an mp3 from Newstalk Radio in Ireland which featured a hard-hittng interview with ILIR vice-chairman Ciaran Staunton.

Taoiseach signals new campaign on illegalsIrish Times, Ireland - 15 hours agoTHE TAOISEACH, Brian Cowen, yesterday signalled that the Government would be launching a new drive to resolve the issue of the undocumented Irish in the US. ...

Government to consider deal for, Ireland - 19 hours agoThe Government is considering a special deal that would see Ireland easing restrictions on US immigrants in return for concessions on the undocumented Irish ...

Cowen 'more genuine in commitment to illegal Irish'Irish Independent, Ireland - 9 hours agoThe Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform in the US says it believes Brian Cowen is more genuine in his commitment to helping illegal Irish immigrants than his ...

Cowen in visa bid to resolve emigrant plightIrish Independent, Ireland - 12 hours agoBy Fionnan Sheahan in New York TAOISEACH Brian Cowen wants to grant more visas to Americans to come to Ireland as a way to resolve the plight of illegal ...