Thursday, January 17, 2008

US-Ireland Alliance No Ally of Irish

There's an organisation out there called the "US -Ireland Alliance" which claims that its mission is "improving ties between the American and Irish peoples".

Well someone needs to remind the president, one Trina Vargo, of that mission, because it seems as if she is intent on dis-improving those ties.

Ms Vargo has repeatedly castigated undocumented Irish immigrants in the US, and those who lobby for them, as "pigs".

It seems Ms Vargo believes that this group of immigrants should not be looking for anyone to help them in the absence of federal legislation.

Perhaps Ms Vargo could better spend her time lobbying HER OWN government on the absence of legislation rather than attacking us Irish people who are trying to help our vulnerable countrymen.


Paddy said...

follow the money. who's funding this woman?

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, this organisation has gotten plenty of money from the Irish government. Is this woman and her views something we want our government spending our tax money on?? I don't think so!! Not in my name!
Why doesn't Fianna Fáil do the right thing and help our friends and family who are in the US undocumented, once and for all?
Bertie and Dermot, why haven't you finished the job that you've promised to complete many times?? Or is the truth of the matter that you are more interested in snuggling up with the likes of Varga than actually doing the job you were elected to do????

Ian said...

Is Vargo an Irish name? I don't think so