Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pay Attention

It's good to see that somebody in government can remember as far back as November, when there was a bilateral agreement that "action", on the plight of the undocumented in the US, would be taken. Perhaps the politicians in the Dáil might listen to what Raymond McCarthy has to say.

Plea for States' 'undocumented'

By Staff reporter

Undocumented Irish people living in America should be recognised for their contribution to society and have their status formalised, a Derry MLA has claimed.

Sinn Féin’s Raymond McCartney said it was “simply wrong” that thousands of 'undocumented Irish' in America are facing an uncertain future.He said: "This is an issue that affects people right across Ireland who have family members living and working in America whom they have not set eyes on due to the restrictions on travel enforced by their undocumented status."

Politicians on this side of the Atlantic have an important role to play in pressuring the US administration to regularise the status of the thousands of Irish whose freedom of movement is presently restricted. “A collective push by all political parties to end this wrong must be a priority.”

The full article contains 139 words and appears in Foyle News newspaper.

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