Sunday, December 2, 2007

Week ends on high note for all of us!

The week ended on a high note for all of us with friends and families in the US.

Bruce Morrison, the man behind the Morrison visas which helped so many Irish in the 1990s, penned a brilliant piece in The Irish Times on Saturday.

The article, which is posted here practically spells out how the Irish Government should approach the US Government. There's no talk of "special deals," or "amnesties", just a clear headed and pragmatic approach to solving this problem once and for all.

It's clearly in all our interests to create what Morrison calls a "culture of compliance," and a new permanent legal path for Irish people to emigrate to the US.


Jane said...

Go Bruce Morrison! What a brilliant argument. It's hard to see why it can't get done - he makes it sound so persuasive - and he's done it before!!! best news i've had in months..

Seamus said...

Yeah, it's about time we started hearing from people who know what they're talking about rather than people who just don't want to do anything which looks even remotely difficult..