Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Annual trips to the States

It has now been 36 days since we picketed outside the Dáil and since the Dáil decided that they would take action on the undocumented plight. Still we have heard nothing back on what will be done for our friends and families.

I’m sure everyone has a similar story to mine. Right now my parents are over in New York visiting my sister and brother-in-law. This year will be another year without them at the dinner table. My father who turned 65 this year decided he had to go because he realised he hadn’t see his daughter in three years, when he visited last.

Last night I spent the evening wrapping presents for my sister and her husband as my brother will be going over to visit them on Friday. He makes a conscious effort to see them every year and coming up to Christmas this seems even more touching.

It’s funny to read about all the Irish going over to the States on their shopping trips at this time of year. I wonder how many of those travelling to go shopping will also be visiting their friends and families who, yet again, won’t be coming home this Christmas.

Remember to call / email / leave a message with your local politicians to remind them who will be missing at your dinner table this Christmas.


Paddy said...

thanks for helping us raise the issue over here - how can ireland turn its back on its own citizens??

mark said...

my uncle says it's just like the seventies and eighties in england when ireland ignored all the emigrants who sent the money home from england and left them there

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, The Irish Gov were delighted to see the young irish leave back in the 70's & 80's as they would not have to pay them the dole and then these immigrants started sending the money home and look what happened ....Ireland prosperered but Bertie and his croonies are forget that small detail and forgetting the likes of me and others .I am sick of them telling me to my face when I meet them that we are going to do something to help the undocumented Irish here and now I see they couldnt be bothered .
This bilateral deal that we were hoping to achieve seems to be for further immigrants not me or you who are living here ...the new Irish .so Bertie said on some irish radio show ,BULLSHIT, so enough is enough take my advice and just land, lock, stock and barrell penniless in Ireland and let the Gov deal with you.