Thursday, January 14, 2010

Irish American Leaders Push Forward for Immigration Bill

Happily it seems our cause is starting the year on a positive note.

New York-based, Irish Central recently publish an article explaining that the White House had sent out invitations to Irish American Community leaders nationwide to attend a special briefing. The briefing on “comprehensive immigration reform” will take place tomorrow.

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However here are a couple of uplifting and interesting quotes from the article -

“The administrations objective is to secure Irish political strength to help the forthcoming immigration reform bill through Congress when President Obama is ready to submit it, which sources say will be shortly.”

Stella O’Leary, president of Irish American Democrats was quoted saying “My guess is if President Obama brings in the bill in the spring it will be passed before the November elections. With the help of the Irish, that is!”

Is féidir linn!

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