Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bi-Lateral USA-Ireland Visa Agreement Called For

The ever increasing dole queues in Ireland inevitably mean that there is a strong liklihood that many more young Irish people will be tempted to try their luck at finding a job across the water in the United States, thereby adding to the many thousands of undocumented Irish who are currently resident in the States.

The Westport born Vice President of the Irish Lobby for Emigration Reform Ciaran Staunton is currently in Ireland , as the organisation strive to find a solution to this long running problem.

Speaking today on Ocean fm, Ciaran Staunton said that now is the time for the Irish Government to push hard for the introduction of a bi lateral visa agreement along the lines of an agreement which the Australian government has in place with the American administration.


Is this country destined to repeat its mistake made over the past decades? Are we going to continue to encourage the young Irish to go and seek their fortune abroad, leaving their failing homeland with no structures in place so that they may return?

Will Ireland ever learn!.....Call your local politicians and ask them what they're doing for your friends and family in the US.

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