Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Outgoing Taoiseach Takes Another Swing at ILIR

You would think, well I would anyway, that the outgoing Taoiseach would have more important things to do than take another swing at the ILIR. But that's what happened in New York again this week with an Op-Ed penned by Bertie Ahern appearing in both the Irish Echo and the Irish Voice. The ILIR rallied to get in a response which you can read here

However, the real loser in all this are the people like my sister and her husband who are stranded in a no-man's land. They are at their wits' end and there is no help in sight. It beggars belief that the outgoing Taoiseach can not find something more constructive to do than try and smear the people who have been doing the most to find a solution.

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