Sunday, November 25, 2007

GAA Chair points the way in New York

The New York Ladies GAA team took on the TG4 Underdogs in Gaelic Park in New York on Saturday and we believe the home team ran the visitors close to lose by just two points in the Underdogs series.

The NY Ladies then hosted a huge dinner dance where 500 or so people heard chairperson Nollaig Cleary congratulate the teams on their achievement.

Nollaig pointed out that the Ladies would not be able to send a team to Ireland to play in the Underdogs series because so few of them can travel.

She also urged the Irish Government to get off its posterior and help legalise the Irish.

We've spoken to some of the girls on the teams and they said they're not going to move back to Ireland because, "there's nothing there for us."

The hard truth of the matter is they're right. We can see the shuttered construction sites; we can see the job losses being reported nearly every day now. Tough and all as it is being undocumented in the US, it's going to be a lot tougher being on the dole in Ireland.

Why doesn't the Government understand this? They're supposed to be cleverer than us.


sheila said...

They probably don't understand because they're not part of our community - they're as detached from ordinary people in the Bronx as they're detached from ordnary people in tipperary. that's probably whty none of them shopwed up on saturday night.

marian said...

This government clearly doesn't think much of women anyway - look at the scandal in porotlaois..

sinead said...

If they really wanted us to move home, they'd be trying to help - my husband's been working here as a carpenter for the past 16 years but his training isn't recognized in ireland. what's he supposed to do? all right for the celtic tigers with their university degress. what about the rest of us? tossed aside because we didn;t have the good luck to be bron middle class?